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Getting From Osa Peninsula to Bocas del Toro

Getting from Puerto Jiménez to Bocas del Toro via public transportation isn’t that difficult. If you follow this guide it will be a breeze.  The whole trip will take 7–10 hours and cost about $40. (All information as of October 2014). Ferry from Puerto Jiménez to Golfito Cost: $4-6 Duration: 30-75 minutes The ferry departs from Puerto Jiménez to Golfito at 6:00, 11:30 and 2:00. There are two ferries: a faster one that takes 30 minutes and costs 3000 colones ($6) and a slower one that takes 75 minutes hand costs 2000 colones ($4). If you want the fast ferry...

Capuchin monkey dangling on a branch

Capuchin Ohs

Last week the Internet woes came back to haunt me. I was told the Internet guy would be coming soon, but I’d heard that before.  So five of the volunteers hitchhiked into Puerto Jiménez to get some work done. We all managed to pile into the back of a truck, which is really the ideal way to ride along my favorite road. The Long Walk Home Three of us with jobs at home couldn’t complete all our work before the 1:30 collectivo that would take us back to Blue Osa so we gambled on being able to hitch a ride...

I bent over and took it.

How Yoga Took Me As Its Lover (And How I Make An Asana Myself)

Some people have asked me how I ended up at a yoga retreat so here’s the situation: I’d taken yoga classes here and there over the years but I think they were mostly stretching classes– which I enjoyed–but I felt I needed to get my heart rate pumping and opted for other exercise instead. And those classes were always in gyms where the sounds of outside music and banging weights wafted in while the stench of man sweat just wafted around. (About that: I refuse to believe that technology hasn’t created a product that can keep a person from absolutely...

That is a real bomb. With my name on it.

South Korea: Getting Bombed and Painting Bombs

A few years ago, I was performing with my good friend, Shayma Tash, at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea and after one of the shows some soldiers asked if I wanted to go off base to O-Town (or maybe it was called A-Town. One was a reality show band, the other is a rinkydink town in Korea). Having a total disregard for personal safety, I agreed to accompany this group of complete strangers in a foreign land.   O/A-Town is just a few miles from the base and consists of a couple of blocks of dingy bars and restaurants....

Riding high in the rainforest!

Flying High

Another week, another check off the bucket list: ziplining in Costa Rica! I couldn’t stop for shit so I scared the crap out of whoever was on the platform as I zoomed in but I loved it. And a little video of my first run:  

The Road to Blue Osa

The Quest for Internet in Costa Rica

The absence of internet during my first 10 days at Blue Osa put me on a constant quest for wi-fi and the only way to get it was to go into town. But the nearest town (Puerto Jiménez) is 11km away and getting there isn’t exactly easy. The ride to town is a bumpy one on the barely-paved-road-full-of-potholes but it really is a gorgeous drive. I could never get sick of that stunning commute. And just to keep things exciting, along the route are approximately 10 Costa Rican DUI checkpoints (as I’ve dubbed them). They’ve earned that name because they’re...

work view

The Legend of the Internet Guy

After arriving at Blue Osa, I promptly pulled out my iPhone to check the wi-fi situation. There wasn’t one. So I inquired of Michael the manager who assured me that the internet guy was coming the next day. I decided to give electronics a rest and enjoy the day in the beautiful Costa Rican Osa Peninsula. By the end of the next day there was still no internet so I asked again and, with all sincerity, Michael told me the Internet Guy was coming the next day. The term “Internet Guy” shall now be capitalized because this was when the...

Saying goodbye to iced coffee, straight hair, midnight and my home.

Please Hold

With eight hours to go until my departure, I hopped in the bath to reward myself for completing everything on my “to do” list. I can’t believe I neglected to include baths on my list of things I’ll miss in Costa Rica. Almost every night before bed, I pop a good program on the laptop and take a nice hot soak in the tub so I’m sure taking cool outdoor showers surrounded by critters will leave me longing for my tub. I tossed my dirty clothes into the basket where they will remain for the next three months. Something about...


Missed Their Calling

I mentioned a few days ago that my phone is now shut off. I contacted Verizon to confirm the date by which I need to make a payment to avoid losing my number and to ensure that calls and texts would be switched off. The photo above is a screen shot of the response I received. I think the funniest part is that in my previous email (yeah, there’s been a bunch just to clear up some simple issues) I specifically requested the assistance of someone competent. Clearly that request backfired on me.


Things I’ll Miss In Costa Rica

I’m sure I’ll spend the next few months glowing about life in the rainforest but there will be things that I’ll miss. Here are a few of them: McDonald’s sugar free vanilla iced coffees with light cream. I’m addicted and drink these almost every night (yes, night– caffeine doesn’t affect me). I tend to forget to drink enough water so they keep me hydrated and they keep my sweet tooth at bay. I will be seriously bummed if I gain weight at a yoga retreat. Ice. I never knew how much I like and NEED ice until my first trip...